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Unique Hype Hair Hairstyles

Many African-American women search for hype hair hairstyles. In fact, styling hype hair seems to be difficult since it has some characteristics. It is thick, curl, and unruly. Actually, it is such a gift because many people try to camouflages their thin hair. Nowadays, there are so many styling stuffs that can be used to style hype hair up.

Hype Hair Hair styles


As an African-American woman, you might feel dilemma between having short or long hair. Also, you might think that your hair is too brittle to grow longer. No need to worry about it. You can have long yet sparkling hair by doing daily treatment.

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But, if you still want a simple short hair, you can go with it. There are many celebrities with hype hair that might inspire you. If you have short hair, you can follow what Rihanna did to her hair. For long hair, Beyonce’s hairstyle can also be followed.

Hype Hair Hairstyles pic

Since there are many examples of hype hair hairstyles, it is not that difficult to find the right one. Here are some examples for you. The first one is short straight bob. If you still have curly hair, you can make it straight to look different. This short hair cut is considered to be super chic and fresh. The characteristic of this hair cut is just right at the jaw line.

Hype Hair Hairstyles picture


Also, you can add long side bangs to give modern yet youth look. The black color is very suitable for this hair cut. Next, the other hype hairstyle is tight curls. You will feel blessed to have beautiful tight curl like Nicole Parker.

Hype Hair Hairstyles


Just simply let your natural tight curls leads your appearance. You can make it tighten by using rollers. This style is recommended for those who have thin hair since it can achieve more volume. If you want to look different, you can color the hair with gold or blonde. Then, the next hype hairstyle is bowl cut pixie. This unique hairstyle reminds us to our childhood as an elementary student. It is quite unique and is suitable for those who dare to be different. It needs a straight hair to achieve a perfect look for this hairstyle.

So, let’s start it! Do not forget to match the face shape and the hairstyle before starting to style it. It is such a challenging moment when you have to deal with choosing the right hairstyle. So, which hype hair hairstyles that suit to your personality?