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Top Hairstyles for Men in 2014

There were plenty of top hairstyles for both men and women back then in 2014. Hairstyle becomes very important for so many people because it gives them the look that they want. Surely it’s good to find out the right haircuts that you can have to look as great as you want to.

Hairstyles for Men in 2014


Women’s hairstyles are more likely to have larger range of styles rather than men. This is why it is a bit difficult to get the right hair cut for men than for women. Some men are really frustrated to get the hair cut that really suits him the best.

Hairstyles for Men


There are some good options actually that have become very popular in 2014 which we can say that they will still be a hit in the early 2015. So, if you are still looking for the right hair cut, it is better for you to simply find out the right style.

top hairstyles for men 2014

There are three top hairstyles for men at least that still can make a good look on men in 2015. The first is the undercut hair cut which still make a hit this year. This kind of hair cut is something nice and tight on the sides and a little bit lengthy on the top.

top hairstyles for men haircut


This hair cut fits really well for you who need to get semi formal kind of hair cut because of your job or maybe another thing that requires you to have that kind of hair cut. You also can go with modern short back and sides cut.

top hairstyles for men


This one is simpler and can look nicer too. It’s a good option as it is easy to do too. It will expose your scalp and it looks nice and tidy at the same time. It is also good with longer hair on the top but not too long so it will still look dapper. There will be some alternatives to do with this kind of top hairstyles.


The last is the skin fade which is a cool option too if you want something dramatic look on your head. So, the hair will look thinner and disappear into the hairline. The shape of your face will be the main important thing to consider because it will be different from one to another.

The styling method could be different as well. It is a good thing to try one of this hairstyle that you might like so much. These top hairstyles for 2014 will still be a trend in 2015.