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Gorgeous Look with Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

Carrie Underwood short hair is one of the sexiest celebrity’s hairstyles. Some people must have their role model to inspire doing good things. The most common phenomena that we can easily find is that people who adore celebrities. Those who are inspired by celebrities will imitate the fashion style or the hairstyle.

carrie_underwood Hairstyle


There are lots of celebrities who have unique kind of styles. It is not prohibited to follow their style as long as it is suitable for us. The most common thing that people imitate from their idol is the hairstyle.

carrie underwood short hair

We all know that women celebrities always try to look stunning in their performances.

carrie underwood updo


It also happens to Carrie Underwood, the winner of American Idol in 2005. This singer gains popularity after she launched an album entitled Some Hearts. She has lots of fans across the world, who likes her songs and performance. It is not only about her debut as a country music singer, but also her beautiful gold hair. Many women tend to imitate Carrie Underwood updo which looks simple but elegant.


If you are going to go to an occasion, you can follow the style of Carrie Underwood short hair. The first style is called fancy bun. This is recommended for you who want to go to a formal party.

carrie underwood hair

Underwood looked so flawless with this hairstyle when she walked through red carpet. The way to create it is also easy, here are the steps. What you have to do first is to curl your hair section by section. Bun your hair carefully by using pin.

carrie underwood updo hair style


After that, use hairspray to make it neat. Beside fancy bun, try Underwood’s hairstyle when she attended Country Music Award. She looked gorgeous with her low side ponytail. Just simply create soft curl to the layers of your hair. Let the side ponytail to be straight and you will be ready to go to a party!



If you want to look more elegant, you can choose this Carrie Underwood updo hairstyle, which is the side swept look.  Sweep your bangs to the side, just take a little of them. After that, use golden pin to tighten them and to improve your look. Do not forget to curl the layers.

underwood short hair

Having hairstyle like Carrie Underwood short hair will lead you to a gorgeous look. Also, you do not need lots of time to create it. Just simply take simple hair stuff and you are ready to make an experiment. Try this Carrie Underwood updo hairstyle for your special occasion

Carrie-Underwood updo