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Get to Know Shih Tzu Hair Style

Shih Tzu is one of a very adorable kind of dog that so many people love to have and it also has some cool shih tzu hair style that will be suitable for this kind of dog. If you love a dog with pretty fur, then you must know this Shih Tzu dog.

Shih Tzu Hair Style


This one is absolutely a cute type of dog that so many people can’t resist. As its fur or we also can say it hair is pretty, sure their style is something that is very much important for this dog.

Shih Tzu HairStyle


Well, it’s important for the owner actually as everyone has their own preference and Shih tzu hair style will be different from one to another because of its owner.

ShihTzu HairStyle


If you want something nice for your Shih Tzu dog, there are some options that you can choose to have such lovely style for your lovely dog.

Some people like it simple and some others like it to be extravagant. Well, talking about Shih Tzu hair style will not be enough for a short time but you can learn how to get the right hair style for your dog. Start from the simple one, some people like it to be low maintenance when it comes to shih tzu hair style.

Shih Tzu Hair Style


The hair style that fits to you who need easy maintenance for your dog is the puppy cut. This is the easiest way to keep the Shih Tzu in style without spending too much time to deal with its hair. Regular brushing is still needed though but it is just to avoid knots or tangles.

Some alternatives are available for this cut also. You can try the short-cropped puppy cut that will be easy to take care of. And you also have the chance to have the longer ears or even with fuller coat and chest.

Shih Tzu HairStyle idea

Those are quite easy and simple for Shih Tzu and you must love to have them. Another option is teddy bear cut and this one is an exquisite option for your dog.

This hair style is absolutely really cute because it will resemble your Shih Tzu as a very much adorable stuffed animal. Surely it will not be easy to deal with the maintenance and in some areas this style isn’t recommended because it will get the dog overheated which is not comfortable. If you want something high maintenance, you can try top knot cut or even top knot show as your shih tzu hair style.