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Elegant Long Hair Style for Women Over 50

50 is a real big deal for women and being a 50 year old woman is not that simple when it comes to long hair styles for women over 50. This is a real serious thing to talk about because to look beautiful at no longer young age is not that simple. Besides the limited hair style, the condition of your hair might become an obstacle to have long hair.

long hair styles for women over 50


Long hair needs lots of nutrition and it is not easy to avoid hair loss at 50. So, you need to think about it very carefully because it will give such significant effects towards the health of your hair. You need to consider what will be the best for the long term. But if you still want to keep your hair long, there will be some lovely and elegant hair style for long hair.

long hairstyles for women over 50

Some women really cannot bear to see their long hair to be cut short just to look younger. They prefer to have long hair and you might be one of them.

The first style that you might like is the long and wavy hair. The length might vary from one to another but it is better for you to have just a little bit below your shoulder. Too long is not a good look, so make sure the length isn’t too far from your shoulder.

hair styles for 50 year old women


This will give you such youthful look which is a good thing for a 50 year old. This is a real nice hair styles for 50 year old women to be exact. This can be good for you to take a look on the lob hair style too. It comes with wavy style too but a little bit different from the previous one.

hairstyles for 50 year old women


If you have straight hair, you also can have the longish kind of hair style. This one is elegant yet very simple. You do not need to take long time to get ready because the key is the cut and it’s your stylist’s job, not yours.


About 15 cm below your shoulder will be okay for this straight and long hair. You can even have your fringe to make it more elegant.

This hair style will suit you pretty much and make you look lovely for sure. Those are some great hair style that will be suitable for women above 50. You can choose your own hair style. It’s just great to know that long hair styles for women over 50 are easy to find these days.