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Easy ways of African- American Hairstyles

Many people might be interested in African American updo hairstyles. The reason why this kind of hairstyle is more interesting is the challenge to keep the hair neat. As we all know, the African-American or black women have beautiful hair with unique characteristic.

african american updo hairstyles


Lots of celebrities look so stunning by styling their curly yet thick hair. We must admit that this kind of hair is often difficult to set.

African American updo


Therefore, those who have curly hair have to spend more time when they are going to go to a formal occasion. Styling the hair is such a hard moment for most of women. They need lots of hair stuff or even other people’s help to set the hair up. If you have the same problem, do not worry about it.

African American updos hairstyle


These days, you can easily find so many African American updos for you who have curly hair – that you think it is difficult to style.

Once you are ready to go to a party, the do it yourself way is totally better for you. What is important here is that you do not need to take lots of time and it can be done by yourself.

african american updos


There are some African American updo hairstyles that you can easily follow. First, for you who have medium-long hair, you can do pearl and curly hairstyle. What you have to do first is to part your hair based on your desire. After that, use iron curlers to set up your hair.

African American updos_Hairstyle


Do not forget to leave the curls to the frame of your face. This is the best way to look stunning when you are going to a party. Then, you need to sweep your hair to the side and pin it perfectly. To create a neat style, use hairspray on your hair. The second hairstyle of African American updos is smooth style.

african -american-updos


This kind of hairstyle is recommended for those who have thick hair. What you have to do first is to part the hair into two horizontal halves. Create a smooth ponytail in the front portion. Then, make a loose bun and pin it. Do not forget to create a smooth ponytail in the back portion. Here, you can create a ringlet to make it neat. Use hairspray for the last way.

African American-updos-Hairstyle

Those two African American updo hairstyles suit for those who have oval face shape. The advantage that you can take is that you do not need lots of hair stuff to create those easy yet stunning hairstyles.

African-American updo

Also, it only takes less than an hour, so that you will be more ready to go to your party. Do these African American updos for your hair to look more stunning!