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The Cool Guy With Long Hair

Long hair is not only for girls as guy with long hair does exist too. Well, not all guys are interested to have long hair because of so many reasons. As we all know that taking care of long hair is not a simple thing to do. This is the main reason why guys opted to have short hair rather than long hair.

guy with long hair


They have no time to keep it in style and also to make sure that it smells good. Another reason is that not all guys suit long hair perfectly. There are some certain types of hair that fit on guys and not all of guys have that gene. So, gene plays important role here but not 100% matters though.

The Cool Guy With Long Hair


It’s also very important to go with the right hair style so that it will be nice. No matter whether it’s straight or curly, both can be very nice to have as long as it fits you much.

guys long hairstyles

The curly lock is the one that becomes the favorite for so many girls. Guys with long and curly hair become a very serious head turner for girls who have special interest on guys with long hair. Many of them said that guys with long and curly hair are just absolutely cute and manly at the same time.

guys long hairstyles


Styling is not really important actually because usually curly hair has its own magic to keep it looks good. If the weather seems unfriendly enough to let it down, well a bun is the easiest option to deal with it.

cool guys long hairstyles

A guy with a bun is also a real nice view to see. Some women or girls are really keen on this hair style for guys long hairstyles. It’s absolutely a real good fact to know especially for you guys who are going to grow your hair long.

the cool guys long hairstyles

Guys with long hair will have some complicity for sure but as long as it can be handled by daily treatment that can be done at home, it is not a big trouble. It’s easy to simply take care of your long hair.

You just need to take a bit longer time to clean it up while you are in the shower. And it also takes longer time to perfectly dry. But if you are interested enough to have long hair, there is a chance and it can be great. A guy with long hair sounds really interesting for so many girls.